Sugar Bunny ROCKS!

Rock #1 has been hidden

A scavenger hunt of EPIC proportions! I'll be scattering my hand painted rocks all over the United States* - and to the lucky Sugar Bunnies that find them, a SURPRISE will be given!!!  


How can you find one?  Check back here for the STATE and CITY I'll be hiding the rock in, as well as the exact COORDINATES!  I will also post the information to my social media accounts, and on the Community Tab of my YouTube Channel.  There will be a picture of the rock in its hiding place too, so be ready!  


Each rock will have a unique code** on the back that you give to me when you find it.  When one rock is found, a new one will be hidden!  If you find one, take a picture of the front of your rock and post it using the hashtag #SugarBunnyRocks

What you do next is up to you!  You can either keep the rock as a souvenir, or hide it somewhere else for someone else to find!  If everyone takes a picture of where the rock is, we can see all the different places it visits, and how far it travels!  


CONTACT me by email: 

What better way to start the hunt than in my new home state of ARIZONA!  I haven't decided on the city, but keep checking back!  I will be releasing the location next week!

***IMPORTANT*** SAFETY FIRST!!! DO NOT attempt to go find a rock on your own!  If you are under 18 years of age, you MUST have an adult go with you!  REMEMBER, nothing is ever worth your safety!  This is just for fun!


*The contiguous United States. 

**This unique code can only be used once.

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